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Rainy Day Artichoke Pasta

On a day like today, when the gray feels like it will never go away and the wetness of the earth makes you want to curl into a ball–the best thing to do is cook up a meal that is healthy and warm. This is one of my very favorite things to cook–it is so easy and has an amazing amount of flavor. I have cooked it for several people who have all been fans. It is easy to cook for one person, or for a party.

First, the ingredients of this pasta are ones that are simple–but I promise if you spend just a bit more $ on items that are organic or imported, you will taste a HUGE difference.

You want to start with some nice baby arugula. This bitter lettuce is delicious when cooked–it breaks down nicely and that bitterness dissolves a little bit and adds a great earthy flavor to any pasta.

Next you want to add my new favorite marinara sauce. It is all natural and I love this brand. Also, this artichoke marinara is my absolute favorite.

Next you want to start chopping the other ingredients for the sauce: marinated artichokes and pepperonchinis. You can find this Delallo brand of Italian ingredients in your imports section of the grocery store or in Italian markets. I tend to like the marinated artichokes when I am cooking a pasta sauce or in salads because they add a lot of flavor. If I am using artichokes in a breakfast dish or eating them with other things such as olives or hummus, the marinade can seem a little overwhelming. I leave this choice up to you!

Next you want to start adding all of this to your sauce and put over low heat.

I am rather obsessed with these vegetable noodles. I don’t think they are organic or anything like that–but they are really light and fun to cook with. AND, they taste awesome. Check them out next time you are at the grocery store.

Start boiling your noodles and also put your sauce over medium heat. You want to cook the sauce until the arugula is nice and wilted and turns a deep green color. You don’t need to add any other seasoning–the marinated artichokes and the marinara sauce are quite flavorful and if you add anything else (besides salt), you may overdo it.

Once your noodles are done (and be careful, these noodles tend to cook a bit faster than regular noodles), add them to your sauce.

Now for the most important part! Add ricotta cheese! Add it cold to the top of the pasta–and then stir it in while the pasta is still hot. This adds some awesome creaminess and lovely texture. Then, you have to add some nice sea salt!

And, of course, you have to complete the meal with a nice wine. This pasta is great with a hearty red, of course. Right now, I am really into the Bota Box brand boxed wine–especially the Shiraz. That is right, BOXED wine. It is organic and all natural and the box is made from recycled materials. It makes me feel a bit better about my wine consumption because glass is much more difficult to recycle.

And tada! A lovely meal for a rainy day. Enjoy!

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