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Disappearing Act–It Happens

Here is the thing.  I have been busy.  And also, sometimes, I just want to eat my food instead of snap photos and document every flavor.

Does that make  me a horrible food blogger?  Probably, but deal wid it.  😉

I go back forth between wanting to really delve into the foodie world that is Salt Lake or hover around it in my own voyeuristic way.  Most of the time, I am happier sitting on the edge, keeping it under wraps, and telling you what I like or don’t like in a pretty basic way–without any real deadlines.  The truth is, other sites do that better–and some worse–than I do.  It is what it is.  But then, the disappearing act happens and a month goes by where I just don’t feel like telling anyone about anything I eat.  And that may or may not piss you off. 🙂  My ultimate goal was to one day write for a food and wine magazine….and to start some kind of professional portfolio, which this blog sort of serves as.  But, I am not sure my path is heading that direction anymore. So, I think and I think and I think…..

So, here is a brief recap of some things from the past month:

Key West Vacation–it was pretty wonderful.  Full of sun, beaches, and great seafood (the fresh Lobster roll below was to die for).  Also, a lot of Landsharks and Pina Coladas showed up at our table.  Key West is a great place if you want a Caribbean vacation and don’t want to pay to get your passport renewed (like myself).  The island is small, tropical, and if you make your way to Bahia Honda State Park and Beach you will truly feel like you are in another world.  My thought, while standing in the ocean, white sand under my feet was, “this really exists?”  It does.  And it was magical.

After Key West, there wasn’t much down time before my sister came to visit from Alaska.  I hadn’t seen her in 9 months, which is far too long to go without hanging out with your best friend.  So, you can understand I have been in family hang out mode for the past 8 days or so.  We had a fun BBQ at our house–and even went old school with the charcoal grill.  It just tastes better.  We ate a lot of Mexican food as well.  Baja Cantina in Park City is a favorite spot of ours, and my own baby sister made enchiladas one night.  I have had a lot of guacamole in the past week.  I am not sick of it.  Also, as a life-time resident of Utah, I had never been to the Salt Flats, so a nice little drive got us out there and we had fun taking photos.  Dear Sister, I miss you already.

I am considering how to cross my love of food into my love of other things (in writing).  Currently, I have multiple blogs for my multiple personalities.  I have this little food blog here, which has been pretty successful so far, but I also have a blog dedicated to my poetry (Engel Poems) and I also have a normal blog for ranting and raving and things I find beautiful and lists I make (Calculated Changes by a Math Illiterate Feminist).  I have yet to come up with a way to combine all of these into one cohesive idea.   They all have different readership.  And I am not sure if my food fans would want to read a poem, or vice versa.  And do you all have any interest in reading about what really irritates me or how ridiculously good looking my boyfriend is?  I just don’t know…

So, there are some Nosh Maven thoughts on the first of June (what the hell…it is JUNE!).  Maybe it is time for a Nosh Maven facelift–and attitude adjustment.  We shall see.  Until then, I will keep reading Rilke and try to find some inspiration.

Now, where to go for lunch?

Day Three–I didn’t have to cook!

Breakfast:  1 string cheese, 1 sugar free jello, 4 celery sticks Kraft Old English sharp cheddar spread (this is my new favorite)

Lunch:  Green Giant frozen cauliflower with cheese sauce (50 calories per serving and is seriously almost as good as eating mac and cheese), fat free cottage cheese with tomato, balsamic, and sea salt

Snack: string cheese, sugar free chocolate pudding

Dinner:  Chili made by my amazing boyfriend with fat free sour cream and fat free cheddar cheese.  This is a great carb free item because it is hearty and you will have leftovers for lunch the next day!

Dessert: 1 sugar free fudge pop (40 calories)

FEELING GREAT!  And, I have to say, the no drinking thing was hard today.  I had a long day at work and really could have used a glass of wine.  However, I am not tempted enough to even consider it….even when Russ had a beer. 🙂  That is steadfastness!

Some photos from today’s food:

Side note:  Russ’s chili is an amazing concoction of turkey, white beans, chili beans, kidney beans, celery, white onion, and a myriad of spices including one chili seasoning packet.  I know everyone is really picky about their chili recipes and you can always cut fat by using turkey or chicken or wheat meat.  Really, most chili is a great carb-free meal!


Day Two–Full and Happy

No cheating today!

Breakfast:  Hard boiled egg, 1 string cheese

Lunch: Celery Sticks with low fat sharp cheddar cheese spread, shredded lettuce with chicken salad (low fat mayo), 15 cachews

Snack: String cheese, sugar free pudding

Dinner: Caprese salad with shrimp cocktail (homemade sauce) for two.

Caprese:  tomato, fresh basil, low fat mozzerella, avocado, sea salt, balsamic.

Cocktail Sauce:  2/3 cup low sugar ketchup, 1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce, juice of half a lemon, sea salt.  (should add horseradish, but I didn’t have any on hand, and this was still tasty!)

And, lots of green tea!

So far, so good. 🙂  And I am super full–and so is my boyfriend–without any carbs or sugars.  yay!

Have any great low carb recipes?  Send them my way!


Noshy New Years! Happy 2012!

Well, it is that time of year!  Yes, I know that setting New Year’s resolutions to loose some weight or get healthy are a dime a dozen–and in that aspect, I am no different than everyone hitting the gym or cutting the calories.  If there is one thing that the holidays do for me, it is becoming genuinely sick of eating. Can you believe it?  By the time the first of the year comes around, I want nothing to do with sweets, carbs, or even alcohol.  I know, I know.  So ridiculous. 😉

So, today is my first day starting on a few different goals in regards to the things I am putting in my body.  Noshing and reviewing is great, but when I am really focusing on this here blog, I tend to gain a few.  Crazy, right?  Who would have thought?  Anyway, I never tend to write much about the times when I under-indulge to keep my body from expanding way beyond what it should. I have never been one of the lucky few who can eat what she wants and not see it on her hips.  Oh, how my hips see it.

Starting today, there will be no alcohol of any kind until Feb 25th.  The 25th is my birthday and that seemed like a good goal to shoot for.  Two months alcohol free will be difficult for me, but if you want to shed some lbs, it is sort of mandatory.

Also, starting today for at least 3 weeks, no carbs and no sugar.  Ouch.

After three weeks, I will start to filter back in some fruit–and then after 2 months, probably around the birthday mark as well, I will start to add back in some whole wheat carbs once a day (at the very most).  I am definitely one of those people who weight is directly related to carbohydrates.  Sigh.  But, the good news is that I have had enough pizza in the past two weeks to suffice for a good long while.

In short, the for the next little while, Nosh Maven is going to be more about re-energizing, restarting, and regrouping.  Essentially, I am resetting my blood sugar and getting my body back on track after 2 – 3 weeks of overindulgence. I hope to be at least 20 lbs lighter by April.  And, it is very doable if I stick to it.  This isn’t about a crash diet, but rather, getting back to a way of life that is healthy.  I am very ready.

So, look forward to some healthy eats as I chronical the next several weeks of meal plans and menus!

Happy 2012!


Dine O’ Round–Get Your Nosh On!

Dear Salt Lake City Locals:

It is finally Dine O’ Round time!

This is the best time of year to try some of those new restaurants you have been dying to dine at! The participant list this year boasts some of my favorites:

The Copper Onion
Oasis Cafe

AND SO MANY MORE! Tonight I will be using the Dine O’ Round menu and price to my advantage as I check out the new to Salt Lake, Zy…can’t wait!

Where will YOU be eating???

Let me know where you end up and what you loved. Salt Lake has some fantastic eats!