About Chelsea

After nearly 10 years of working in the restaurant business, being an avid food and wine lover and consumer, and most importantly a writer at heart–what else could I do but set out on a journey to detail my culinary experiences and the love I have for one of my favorite art forms (yes, food) in print? This is my attempt to catalog everything delicious, organic, local, fresh, aesthetically profound and intensely scrumptious. From restaurants to farmer’s markets to my own kitchen, this will be my attempt to become the most entertaining Nosh Maven I can be!

I hold a Bachelors Degree in English and Creative Writing and a Masters Degree in Professional Communications with an emphasis on Writing and Rhetoric. You will also find me writing and researching quite a bit about Rhetoric and Death and writing poetry in gobs (you can find my thesis/book, Metaphors & Morticians, here) . You can check out my poetry blog, Engel Poems, at engelpoems.blogspot.com.  I also have a crazy personal blog with other links and info here:  Calculated Changes by a Math Illiterate Feminist 

Currently, I work for the United Way of Salt Lake as their Director of Communications where I oversee the website, blog (The Hub), and social media (with some help from other fabulous people, of course!)

Thanks for reading–now GO EAT!

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One response to “About Chelsea

  1. Kim Parkinson

    I have been following your blogs for quite sometime and I am so excited that you are finally getting into the food world where you belong!

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