Is it too Early to Plateau?

I haven’t lost any more weight this week, despite keeping up with the diet.  And for all of you who love TMI, it was that time of the month, so I am blaming it on the terrible-ness of shark week.  🙂

I didn’t cheat this week–so getting on the scale with no reward was lame.  However, all I can do is plug along and remember all my clothes fit better and that I am back to waring clothes from a few years ago–which was sort of the goal.  I am going to try to not let the scale depress me too much.  5 weeks in and 3 to go, I should be very happy with 15 lbs.  Hopefully, by summer, it will be twice that…it is just slow going now.  And let me reiterate–this is not just a 5 week diet that will end with me going back to eating pizza every weekend.  This is a life change, that just gets a little less strict over time.

So, here is some food from the recent past.  Highlight:  I made cookies!  Peanut butter cookies!  Thank the food gods for coconut flour–which has about 9 carbs for a whole cup!  Meaning, these beautiful babies have about 2 carbs per cookie (or less!!).  You can find the recipe here, along with some other great ones with coconut flour, almond flour, and peanut flour!

This was also another recipe that was sort of to die for.  Grilled Chicken Brushetta.  Super easy and very fresh and full of flavor.  It was even good the second day for lunch.  A must try!

I have still been on the sparkling water and berry kick.  That hasn’t gone anywhere.  The blueberries right now are soooo amazing.  I have no idea why, in the middle of February, the blueberries are so plump and flavorful.  Makes me wonder about my carbon footprint…but not enough to stop buying them.

Zucchini has still been my best friend.  This is some delicious zucchini noodles with marinara and ricotta cheese.

The best few meals I had out and about where brunch at the wonderful Finn’s Cafe and actually, if you can believe it, the Chicken Caesar Salad (minus the croutons) at Noodles and Company.  It is true.

So, here is to hoping that this week the scale is nice to me!  In the meantime, I am going to make more cookies. 🙂


One response to “Is it too Early to Plateau?

  1. I am so trying that bruschetta! Keep up the good work on the weight scene.

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