Noshy New Years! Happy 2012!

Well, it is that time of year!  Yes, I know that setting New Year’s resolutions to loose some weight or get healthy are a dime a dozen–and in that aspect, I am no different than everyone hitting the gym or cutting the calories.  If there is one thing that the holidays do for me, it is becoming genuinely sick of eating. Can you believe it?  By the time the first of the year comes around, I want nothing to do with sweets, carbs, or even alcohol.  I know, I know.  So ridiculous. 😉

So, today is my first day starting on a few different goals in regards to the things I am putting in my body.  Noshing and reviewing is great, but when I am really focusing on this here blog, I tend to gain a few.  Crazy, right?  Who would have thought?  Anyway, I never tend to write much about the times when I under-indulge to keep my body from expanding way beyond what it should. I have never been one of the lucky few who can eat what she wants and not see it on her hips.  Oh, how my hips see it.

Starting today, there will be no alcohol of any kind until Feb 25th.  The 25th is my birthday and that seemed like a good goal to shoot for.  Two months alcohol free will be difficult for me, but if you want to shed some lbs, it is sort of mandatory.

Also, starting today for at least 3 weeks, no carbs and no sugar.  Ouch.

After three weeks, I will start to filter back in some fruit–and then after 2 months, probably around the birthday mark as well, I will start to add back in some whole wheat carbs once a day (at the very most).  I am definitely one of those people who weight is directly related to carbohydrates.  Sigh.  But, the good news is that I have had enough pizza in the past two weeks to suffice for a good long while.

In short, the for the next little while, Nosh Maven is going to be more about re-energizing, restarting, and regrouping.  Essentially, I am resetting my blood sugar and getting my body back on track after 2 – 3 weeks of overindulgence. I hope to be at least 20 lbs lighter by April.  And, it is very doable if I stick to it.  This isn’t about a crash diet, but rather, getting back to a way of life that is healthy.  I am very ready.

So, look forward to some healthy eats as I chronical the next several weeks of meal plans and menus!

Happy 2012!


4 responses to “Noshy New Years! Happy 2012!

  1. I love weight loss resolutions. And I agree with you, by the time New Year’s Eve rolls by, I just can’t stand to eat anymore. Nothing like the month of January to get us back in track. I’m working this year not towards weigh loss per se, but to just become overall stronger and more lean. If I loose a few, great, but I think concentrating on my muscles will help me overall.

    Looking forward to healthy recipes and healthy restaurant reviews in here!

  2. Thanks Anita! Yeah, it is just the best time of year to get back on track–I am so ready! 🙂 Good luck with your resolutions as well!

  3. Good for you! It is so hard to stick to your resolutions but you seem super focused so I am sure you’ll do great. Good luck! xoxo

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