Eating in Alaska–In Pictures!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to Alaska to visit my sister who works seasonally in Denali. Between delicious meals in Anchorage, Seward, and Denali–I thought I would just let some of these photos speak for themselves. We all need a little “food porn” now and then, right?

By far, the best meal that I had was at the “best restaurant in Alaska”, 229 Parks. The salads, flat bread, artichoke soup, Thai noodle soup, tamales, etc were all fresh and amazing. This is one of the nicer restaurants I have been to, with great service and amazing menu selections. If you are ever in Denali National Park, please make sure you put this restaurant on your list. 229, because it is at mile post 229 on the highway. Don’t drive past!! Also, don’t miss the Black Bear Coffee House–best Chai Tea I have ever had…especially when there is a bit of fresh nutmeg on top.

Vacation eats are the best–but I am certainly ready for detox. I think I ate more carbs in one week in Alaska than I have in the last three months! But, that is what vacation is for right?

Thanks to my sister and all the great people who cooked for us and shared some glorious meals!

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