Fat’s Grill–It’s Not Just For Pool

If you are a local of Salt Lake City or Sugarhouse, you have probably driven by Fat’s Grill several times and probably noticed that it looked like a pretty cool joint to hang out at(if for some reason you haven’t been there). I hadn’t been to Fat’s Grill in quite a while and I have never actually eaten there. A friend recommended that I check it out for Nosh Maven, and I thought it was a great idea. I am always on the lookout for new places to hang or play some pool…not to mention dine.

We decided to go in for lunch, which was great, because Fat’s has a different feel about it depending on the time of day you go. What is a jumping pool hall/dance club at night is actually a very mellow, laid back, fun place for a business lunch. And what better way to get away from the stringent work day than to knock a few balls around on a pool table? If you have been to Fat’s for a hang out, but haven’t eaten there, I highly recommend you check this place out next time for some serious and reasonably priced fare.

My friend had been raving about the Chicken Quesadilla for a few weeks, so of course, we ordered that. It was different than I expected, but tasty nonetheless. The tomato tortilla was stuffed to capacity with chicken, cheese, and awesome jalapenos. The salsa and pepperoncinis on the side were great–but I think that some sour cream and guacamole would have been nice also. I am one of those people can’t doesn’t do any kind of Mexican food without those two items!

We also ordered the Chicken Basil Tomato Pizza, which was divine. It was the perfect size for a single person and ordering a couple of Fat’s pizzas would be a great way to share. The chicken was fresh and tender and the tomatoes were ripe to perfection. Even the crust was mouth watering. I like dried basil, but I think for this pizza, the only thing that I would have rather preferred would be fresh basil–but hey, it was still a flavorful experience!

Another friend in our group ordered the Spicy Chicken Wrap–which came with chips and salsa. This was also on a tomato tortilla and looked awesome. It was bursting with chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomato, spicy sauce and ranch dressing. If there is one thing I hate, it is a dry sandwich or wrap, and this one looked juicy and delicious.

I asked the server what she recommended as far as my entree went and she quickly suggested the Fat’s Burger. I took her suggestion and I was glad I did. This was a simple, yet flavorful burger and came with some awesome baked fries on the side. Some were a little crispier than others–but Jerry, one of the owners, told me that they bake their french friends, not fry them…so I was happy about the crispy fries! The burger came with every condiment that I could have asked for, which I also appreciated because I hate having to ask for basic items when ordering a burger. Overall, I think that the burger was my favorite item that we ordered–Fat’s certainly has this one right; AND, they have several different burgers to choose from!

To top it all off, Jerry also treated us to some divine cheesecake for dessert! This was a very light, almost whipped tasting cheesecake and perfect for the three of us to each get our sweet tooth taken care of before we left. Thanks, Jerry!

Another thing about this menu that I love is how great the prices are. My burger was around 7 bucks, and I think we didn’t pay more than 8 for any of these items. Everything on the menu seemed to range from 5 – 10 bucks, which is very doable for a quick lunch or an evening out. For the price, you get a lot of grub for your doller.

Fat’s Grill is locally owned and operated, and I always give my support to those in our community who are running awesome businesses like this! Next time you are looking for a great hang out on a Friday night or a lunch in the cool Sugarhouse shopping district, don’t just drive past this great joint–go in and get some real Salt Lake City flavor and atmosphere!

You can find Fat’s Grill at 2182 South Highland Dr in Sugarhouse.

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