Thaifoon–Miso Love the Chicken Satay!

Sometimes, all you want is a little peanut sauce, right? Something a little rich and spicy? Thaifoon Restaurant in the Gateway Mall is one of those places that satisies a specific craving. Thaifoon is unique to Utah and is great for a quick lunch or an extended dinner.

Because the Gateway is so close to work, several of us tend to walk to Thaifoon on a pretty regular basis. Thaifoon also participates in Salt Lake City’s Concierge Association, which is great because as a Hotelier, we get a great discount. Thaifoon has a well-rounded lunch menu with $8.99 pricing that can’t be beat for the quality.

My favorite dish that Thaifoon serves is the Chicken Satay (found in the appetizer section of the menu). This is a great starter, but paired with some miso soup or a sushi roll of some kind, the Chicken Satay makes a great light lunch. The chicken is insanely tender and cooked with a lot of flavor. The chicken is presented on skewers and accompanied with one of the most amazing peanut sauces that I have had. In addition, a small amount of spicy sauce is drizzled over the chicken. And, with the little bit of green onion on top, this is pretty much a flavor explosion. It is certainly a crave-able dish!

Taifoon’s miso soup is also pretty great. I have had many miso soups that taste as though they have been made from a powder and aren’t as authentic, nor do they boast as much flavor. I have also had some miso soups where the seaweed takes over and is a little too intense for my liking. I really enjoy Thaifoon’s miso soup because the main component is the tofu. And let’s be honest, the tofu is one of the best parts. Secondly the next flavor is the green onion, and last, the seaweed. These are how I personally prefer the order of the ingredients to fall. The bowl is pretty gigantic, so get ready to be eating quite a bit of delicious miso when you order this as a starter before a meal.

We ordered two entrees off the lunch specials menu; The Pad Thai and The Firecracker Chicken w/ Broccoli.

The Pad Thai was ok. Pad Thai is hard to do and it is rare to find a place whose Pad Thai tastes the same each and every time you order it. The tofu was really great in this dish, but the flavor was a titch on the dry side and the shrimp were just a bit overcooked. A little fresh lime helped, but I think I would have enjoyed a sauce that was a bit thicker that joined to the shrimp and tofu a bit more. Overall though, I didn’t send it back!

The Firecracker Chicken was tasty. The sauce was spicy but not too hot–more hot in flavor and less hot in regards to heat. This is the kind of spice that I enjoy. I do not apprecaite spice that makes me want to douse my throat and tongue in something dairy based like milk or sour cream. I want some kick, but I don’t want it to kick me into an out of order operation mode. The chicken was good, but also just a titch on the dry side. Overall, however, this dish was pretty tasty.

Some other things to try? The Dan Dan Noodles are pretty great and so are the Pot Stickers. My favorite item on the dinner menu, however, is the AMAZING Orange Peel Scallops. Wow. One of the best dishes I have ever had. And I hear (but have not tasted for myself) that the Evil Jungle Princess Chicken is to die for.

Something to stay away from? Well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t go to Thaifoon for a sushi experience. The few rolls that they have are ok–but they aren’t amazing. If you do have a hankering for a sushi roll while you are there, have one as a side dish or an accent to another main course.

Overall, two thumbs up for Thaifoon. If you are out shopping and just get that hankering for some noodles and peanut sauce…you know where to find them!

Check out Thaifoon at 7 North 400 West, Space 2040, in wonderful Salt Lake City Gateway Mall!

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  1. Chelsea Nelson,

    Thanks so much for stopping by Thaifoon and writing a blog about us! We always love hearing feedback from all of our patrons and really value everyone who steps foot into our restaurants. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your meal and you are a regular customer. We’d love to see you again (and again and again). Please send me an email and I will make sure to send you some free appetizer cards so that you can continue to enjoy Thaifoon!
    Thanks for the review!
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