Takashi—The Place to Find My Favorite Dish

There is one food item that I can safely say is probably the best things I have ever eaten. Nothing has been as memorable or created more memories for me, than a small, simple, dish which people refer to with pride as “sex on rice”. The name is more than suiting.

As in introduction, Takashi, in my opinion, is hands down, the best and most high-end sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City. When I want sushi, Takashi is what I most always have in mind. However, there is something special about this restaurant, so I tend to make sure I don’t overdo it or that when I go, there is some kind of appropriate reason. This is one place that I would never want to overdo. In fact, each of my Takashi experiences I can name, who I was with, and what the occasion was. I would like to keep it that way.

Having said that, let us get back to the “sex on rice”. This is not something you will find on the menu. If there is one tip you get from Nosh Maven, let it be this: if you ever find yourself at Takashi, you really must request this special dish—and your server WILL know what “sex on rice” is. “Sex on rice” comes with two pieces, so I recommend ordering two—because you will want more than one. So, what is this sushi dish in a nutshell? Simple: seared Sable fish over a small amount of rice, garnished with what seems to me to be some kind of marinated shredded green onion. To be honest? I am not entirely sure—and since it isn’t on the menu, this is only my best guess. But really, who cares? Once you put this mouth watering, melts-like-butter, smoky yet savory piece of sushi in your mouth, I promise it won’t matter.

You won’t want to speak and you sure won’t want anyone else to speak to you until chewing and swallowing is done. Get ready to hold up your “just one minute” finger until you have really experienced this dish. Tell your date, your friend, your mom, whoever (!) to just simply be quiet for a few seconds. I don’t use the term “life changing” very often. But this is flavor that will certainly change your life. And if it doesn’t, then I wonder about your pallet!

Okay, so Takashi also has other amazing items. I have never had anything from their menu that I wasn’t a fan of. The freshness of their fish is very noticeable and the quality of their sushi chefs shines in each roll. They are true pieces of art and are always presented with perfection. On this occasion, my date and I also ordered a few other things besides “sex on rice”. Tuna Nigiri, The Crunchy Ebi, and also the Sunshine Roll (I have to keep up with my lemon craving). All of them were pretty great.

My recommendation? Get the the ‘sex on rice’ with any nigiri of your preference, then the Sunshine Roll, and save the Crunchy Ebi for last. This has a little bit of a sweet flavor to it and will finish off any of your sushi rolls or nigiri fabulously.

It has been mentioned to me that the service at Takashi has been spotty for a few people, but I have to say that has never been the case in my experience. The servers have been knowledgeable about not only sushi, but sake and wine. They have been attentive and nice. I will say that Takashi gets busy quickly, so either get there early, make a reservation, or be prepared to wait. I enjoy hitting Kristauf’s next door for a Saketini called the Lotus Blossom before dinner–so waiting has never been a problem for me.

Now I need some kind of special occasion to get me there again! Anyone have a birthday coming up? Or, I can tag along on a anniversary dinner…just let me know!

Also, if anyone has had any other good or bad experiences with the food or service at Takashi, I would love to hear about it!

Find Takashi at 18 West Market Street in Salt Lake City.

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4 responses to “Takashi—The Place to Find My Favorite Dish

  1. My mouth is watering as I type! The photos are drool inducing, and I enjoyed the description of the experience…the patience involved in waiting for the next excuse to indulge can be tedious, but some good sushi is always worth the wait.

  2. Takashi is absolutely fabulous. Next time, try out the Spanish Mackarel. It comes as sashimi and tempura fried. Again, it is not only menu and should only be saved for those who truly appreciate the quality! Their uni shooters are pretty much to die for as well (if you’re in to that thing).

    Great post…now I need a reason to go 🙂

  3. try their asparagus appetizer. it will blow you away. anything at takashi ive ever eaten is pure bliss and perfection. ive NEVER had a problem with the service!

  4. takashi is my favorite slc restaurant. every dish is exceptional! it’s such a special gem.

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