Ahh Sushi–Mellow, Bar Atmosphere has Fresh Sushi

I am always looking for a new sushi place in the city. It seems like they are popping up all of the time and naturally I wonder how many of them can be that amazing. Salt Lake City isn’t a port town and we aren’t known for our amazingly fresh seafood. However, we do have some really great sushi bars downtown. On this particular evening, I wasn’t the one choosing the sushi restaurant, so I ended up trying something new.

I met a friend at Ahh Sushi, which shares the basement with a local bar called O’Shucks. I had been to O’Shucks once, pretty late at night, and really paid no attention to the fact that there was a sushi bar just through the brick wall. When you enter Ahh Sushi, you basically can enter one side to the O’Shucks bar, or the other for Ahh Sushi. They check your ID, so make sure you don’t forget it (and that you are 21) if you are trying out this very unique joint. When I got there, my date had already ordered a Japanese beer as well as some edamame to snack on. Is there anything better than arriving at a table that already has food on it? I think not. We went over and over the menu containing the sushi rolls and finally settled on two pretty traditional and simple rolls (I never get bizzare with sashimi or rolls that sound too crazy at a new sushi restaurant, they have to pass the simple sushi test first). Although, you will see by the menu, most of their rolls are pretty basic.

I asked for a recommendation from the server and decided on the Sunset Roll; crab, cucumber, and avocado topped with fresh salmon and a slice of thinly cut lemon wedge. John, my date, ordered the Funky Vegas Roll; salmon, cream cheese and crab with tobiko (fish eggs) and spicy eel sauce. Both of these rolls were pretty amazing. The Sunset Roll was creamy, a testament that the salmon was very fresh, and the lemon on top finished the flavor off with a very refreshing and summery citrus flair. Additionally, the Funky Vegas roll was a perfect partner to this light and flavorful roll. The Funky Vegas roll is rich and a bit heavy, with so many amazing flavors of rich seafood and cream cheese. The tobiko on top is lovely as a brilliant accent of saltiness and zing. With one roll that evoked summer and one that evoked a soulful taste, they made a great pair. And I have to say, the extra dry, cold (not hot, never hot) sake was the perfect way to wash down these two amazing sushi rolls.

If you want to check out Ahh Sushi, you can find it down the stairs off of 100 South and 22 East. The parking situation isn’t that great, but the atmosphere and the prices are worth it. I will be back to try more fresh flavors that this sushi bar has to offer!

Ahh Sushi on Urbanspoon

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