Z’Tejas–Mouth Watering Appetizers

The sun has finally come out in Salt Lake City, and there is only one thing I really love to do on my lunch break: walk from my hotel down to the outdoor Gateway Mall and try to forget that I am in the middle of a workday. Some very important things came together today: 1) it was payday! 2) the sun was out and it was beautiful! and 3) I was craving appetizers!

I walked to Salt Lake’s wonderful outdoor mall with my friend, Kim, from work. The patio at Z’Tejas looked mighty fine, so we decided that was the place to be. We weren’t looking for anything heavy. What we really wanted was a couple of Z’Tejas’ famous margaritas; but alas, we had to go back to work. After looking over their wonderful and varied appetizer menu, we decided on two selections: The Tejas Trio and the Grilled Shrimp and Guacamole Tostada Bites.

Before you get your menu items delivered to your table, you are given a fresh helping of Z’Tejas’ amazing corn bread. I had a good friend whose husband was a chef for Z’Tejas and told me once that they get the cornbread so incredibly moist by using yogurt! Who would have thought? Now, I am not the biggest fan of cornbread in general. Mostly, I find it to be dry and not very flavorful. However, this corn bread is not only as moist as cake, but it also tastes delicious. Top it off with some of the whipped butter, and you are all set!

After the Cornbread, the Tejas Trio came out first. This is one of my favorite things to order ever. It has all of the good stuff: fresh delicious salsa (that isn’t too hot or too mild), homemade guacamole (not of the prepackaged or neon green variety) and the most amazing queso cheese dip! This menu item always makes me a happy girl.

Every time I order the Shrimp Bites, I am impressed with the presentation. They grill fresh gulf shrimp which is then put on top of a toasted seasoned mini tostada which is loaded with more guacamole. The entire “bite” is topped off with some perfect hot sauce and the plate is the adorned with some freshly shredded veggies (these are also delicious).

This lunch was perfect for a wonderfully warm day in the city. If you just need a quick stop off for a small bite to eat, I highly recommend the patio at Z’Tejas. And the price was just right as well–split right down the middle between two people, this appetizer heaven only cost us about $12 each. However, try to go when you can actually have one of their amazing margaritas!

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