You can’t type “foodie” into a job search engine…

Here I am.  30 years old, and at a crossroads.

There are two things that I know for certain about who I am so far.  First, I have a penchant for writing.  It is true, I am pretty good at it.  At my age and as much time as I have spent in higher education, I should be by now.  Second, I am obsessed with food and wine.  I eat it, I cook it, and more than anything, I love to find new restaurants, new ways of cooking, and of course–ordering what I have already fallen in love with at some of my favorite restaurants in town.

Sure, a lot of people might consider themselves “foodies”, but what does that really mean?  My mom considers herself a “foodie”, while her pallet is pretty novice.  She says that she can call herself a foodie because she loves food.  But, who doesn’t?  Does just loving food make you an expert?  And do you have to be an expert to dive into the food and wine world?  These are questions I have been asking myself in the past year or so and as I have been trying to decide where to go with these degrees and love of food of mine.

Here is what I have come up with.  I am not an expert cook; although I do cook excessively and tend to think that I am pretty good at it (well, I like how it tastes anyway).  I have also recently delved into the world of organic and local food, which has become something I am very passionate about.  Currently, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the organic and local food scene is very much up and coming here.  Our Farmer’s Market is one of the largest I have ever seen and gets bigger each season.  We have quite a few organic and all natural cafes and restaurants (I haven’t tried them all yet), including a few raw food establishments and also a large variety of vegan and vegetarian fare.  My guess is that in the next five years or so, Salt Lake City will be one of the leaders in homegrown goodness, boasting a community of folks who are advocates for organics.

Let me use this caveat:  I only cook organic food at home.  I make a distinctive effort to buy natural foods because I care about what goes into my body now more than ever.  And more importantly, I do not want to support the companies who are putting our health at risk by producing low quality and unhealthy food for American consumers.  However, I do not only look for organic food when eating out on the town.  I am not a vegetarian and I am not hard to please when it comes to food in this city.  So, you can rest assured, I won’t be writing about sprouts and kale for the next year.

I do have a goal in mind here.  If you ask me what my dream job is, it is (and has been for a long time) to write and review restaurants; to describe food in a way that connects a reader to the experience and calls them try something new themselves; to explain how wine enhances flavor; and to promote chefs whose dishes are unique and wonderful.

I have been lucky enough to get a wide reader base from other writing endeavors that I have had over the years, and I hope that some of my loyal readers will follow me on this journey…and then eat to their hearts content!

To restaurant owners, chefs, farmers, and the like–if you want to contact me for a review, I would be more than honored.

Bon Appetite!


2 responses to “You can’t type “foodie” into a job search engine…

  1. so happy youre doing this.

  2. I love the name of your blog! I am no where near being considered a food expert. If I had a food blog I would have to title it Nosh Novice. Haha! 🙂

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